Why Community Engagement is Important

In today’s world, community engagement is becoming increasingly popular. Constructive relationships between the government and communities make community engagement a pivotal and desirable process for the well-functioning of today’s democracies.

Goods and Services

One of the benefits of having a solid community engagement is that it leads to equitability and improvement of local communities’ effective delivery of services. In areas where traditional approaches have proven ineffective, community engagement has enabled a better understanding of the community’s needs and produced a sustainable model to supply peoples’ needs.

Social Capital

Community engagement is crucial because it is majorly part of a conversation where communities make decisions to create social capital. Stories that arise when communities come together help create changes in local amenities that better the lives of community members. They also help shape the community’s future and bring a broader scope of societal and global impacts.

Shared Knowledge

Community engagement can result in better outcomes when government entities and public decision-making bodies come together to seek the community’s aspirations and values. When the communities share their values and concerns, decision-making entities become well informed and better meet the community’s needs.

Pride and Empowerment

Building long term partnerships between the communities and the government also results in a greater sense of ownership and better uptake of tailor-made services for the community’s aspirations. Inclusive community engagement is crucial for the betterment of the community’s well-being. Through inclusivity, community members become well informed about the issues at hand and can make meaningful contributions to the community. It also enables community members to access a valued social setting and be able to participate expressively in all aspects of the community. Through empowerment, locals can develop capabilities that help them participate fully in meaningful activities. Additionally, inclusiveness enables the less heard and diverse voices to participate in the community’s empowerment actively. The empowerment of the usually overlooked voices allows locals to participate in decision-making, which impacts their everyday lives.


Through community engagement, governments can improve on their legitimacy and efficiency. By embracing community participation, decision-makers can make better-informed decisions by carefully designing their operations to suit the locals’ needs and aspirations. When communities communicate their needs to the government, their decisions become acceptable, which helps build trust between the two entities.

This article was originally published at luisfaleman.org


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