About Luis F. Aleman

Luis F. Aleman is a highly accomplished professional living in New York City. He is the luis-f-alemanCEO of LFA Holdings, Inc. where he and his team assist startups, small businesses, and middle-market companies with expanding their reach into foreign markets. At LFA Holdings, they help their clients explore and develop new markets while implementing innovative strategies throughout a number of emerging and rapidly growing markets including telecommunications, consumer goods, automotive, and travel and tourism.

Outside of LFA Holdings, Luis F. Aleman is also currently working as the Managing Director for Ethiopian Wild Coffee. As a specialty import/export company, EWC works closely with farmers in Ethiopia to curate a prestigious list of wild grown and raw commodities, all USDA Certified Organic. The farmers harvest in the protected rainforest for honey, spices, and most-notably the wild-growing beans that become the “Mother of All Arabica Coffees.” Ethiopian Wild Coffee and its flagship Wild Forest Grown Coffee are making the purest version of the world’s highest-rated coffee accessible around the globe via the import/export industry.